A Cultural Community for Secular Jews

Welcome to “The People of the Mountain”

a Secular Humanist Jewish Community
in Sewanee and Monteagle, Tennessee

As a Humanistic Jewish Community

*We support one another
in keeping a Humanistic Jewish Home

*We come together
for Humanistic Celebrations of Jewish Holidays

*We engage in the practice
of Tikkun Olam, Healing of the World

*We enjoy being Jewish together

     The Jewish community in our area is wide and diverse, as it is in most regions of the country.  The sharing of Jewish heritage and tradition takes many forms.  Here on the Mountain, far from the nearest synagogues in Nashville and Chattanooga, much of the shared Jewish experience takes place in informal gatherings in homes.

     One new expression on the Mountain is a small group we are calling “People of the Mountain, or Am HaHar”  It is designed to offer communal support and encouragement as we seek to affirm our Jewish Culture, History, and Traditions from a cultural and humanist perspective.  

What do Humanistic Jews affirm?

* Human beings possess the power and responsibility to shape their own lives independent of supernatural authority.
* A Jew is a person who identifies with the history, culture, and future of the Jewish people.
* Judaism is the historic culture of the Jewish people.
* Jewish history is a human saga, a testament to the significance of human power and responsibility.
* Jewish identity is best preserved in a free, pluralistic environment.
* Ethics and morality should serve human needs.
* The freedom and dignity of the Jewish people must go hand in hand with the freedom and dignity of every human being.

     If you want to affirm your Jewish heritage, but are not comfortable with any of the traditionally religious expressions, this may be meaningful to you.

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