A Poem of Abraham and Sarah at Machpelah

The Cave of Machpelah by Vincent vanGogh

I Am a Stranger and an Alien

I am a stranger and an alien
among you, old, bereft,
with all that is left
of love: the body of my wife.
She had a wandering life
with me, with tears, with laughter;
and now, after all these years
we are tired, she and I.
But I go on, and she has come to rest
among you.
Where is a quiet place, blessed,
where I may lay her down?
For I am an alien among you;
I have no home.
But she is dead, and can no longer roam.
I am a stranger among you,
but let her settle down in peace,
that her wandering spirit find release.

Take our choicest land, they said,
for the burial of your dead.
Who are we, our treasures to withhold
from one alone, and old?
Let her rest forever beneath our sod;
nor she, nor you, an alien before God.

(C) 2015 W. William Melnyk

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