A Humanistic Yom HaShoah

Our celebration on April 23 at 6:30 PM

Yom Hashoah

The Day of the Holocaust
and the Heroism

April 23-24, 2017

Am HaHar
People of the Mountain
Sewanee, Tennessee

Yom HaShoah v’Hagevurah

I. Yahrzeit Candle

On this most solemn of occasions, we open our hearts, minds, and souls, as we remember the six million, the indifference, and the evil. May we be present for one another for healing, light, and love to soothe and ease our pain, as we commemorate the horrors that were committed not long ago.

May we forever remember the stories we hear. As tales of the atrocities are shared, as we re-encounter the unthinkable, may these memories be strengthened and never fade, in the hope that those who remember the mistakes of the past will not repeat them.

We say “never again” and we dedicate ourselves to this principle, to the idea that justice does not allow persecution, that genocide shall not be repeated, and that vigilance is the responsibility of freedom, at all costs, that these horrors remain but memories.

Above all, may shalom—wholeness and peace—be in our midst, now and forever.

Light the Yahrzeit Candle

Each person may offer memories of Loved Ones
Names may be written on slips of paper and placed under the Yahrzeit Candle

II. Kiddish Cup

We raise this cup of wine mindful of all it took for us to receive it.
The sun and soil and rain, gifts of Nature
The efforts and vision of our fellow human beings
Together bringing forth the Fruit of the Vine, the Cup of Life

B’rukheem ha-adamah
Ha-shemesh, V’Ha-geshem
Asher yotzrim p’ree ha-gafen

We rejoice in the earth,
the sun, and the rain,
which produces the fruit of the vine.
Rabbi Miriam Jerris

All drink from the Kiddish Cup, saying


III. Readings and Music
Readings from “Pavel’s Violin” by Will Melnyk
Violin Music by Lucie Carlson

1. Chapter 26: “In The ruts of the Herd” pp. 10-14
2. Chapter 29: “Touching the Dead” pp. 4-7
3. Chapter 32: “Whatever It Takes” pp. 12-16
4. Chapter 33: “The Wind In The Lyre” pp. 8-13

IV. A Humanistic Kaddish

Yit-gad-dal v’-yit-kad-dash sh’-la-ma b’a-l’ma.
Niv-ra sh’-la-ma khee-r’-oo-ta-na v’-nam-leekh mal-khoo-tay B’khie-yay-khon oo-v’-yo-maykhon oo-v’-khie-yay d’-khol bayt yis-ra-el
Ba-ah-ga-la oo-vee-z’-man ka-reev. v’-eem-roo, shalom.
Y’-hay sh’-la-ma rab-ba m’-va-raykh l’-a-lam oo-l’-al-may al-mie-ya.
Yit-ba-rakh v’-yish-ta-bakh yit-pa-ar v’-yit-ro-mam v’-yit-nas-say v’-yit-ha-dar v’-yit-ah-le
V’-yit-hal-lal sh’-la-ma b’-al-ma b’-reekh hoo. L’-ay-la min kol bir-kha-ta v’-shee-ra-ta toosh-b’-kha-ta
V’-ne-he-ma-ta da-a-mee-ran b’-alma v-ee-m’-roo sha-lom.
Y’-hay sh’-la-ma rab-ba v’-hie-yeem A-lay-noo v’-al kol yis-ra-el v’-eem-roo sha-lom
Na-a-se sha-lom ba-o-lam a-lay-noo v’-al kol yis-ra-el v’-eem-roo sha-lom.

Wonderful is peace in the world. Let us create a peaceful world and let us establish its kingdom now and in the future. May peace come to bless our lives. May we always continue to honor peace in the world even though no praise can equal the importance of its reality. May peace and life prevail for us and for all Israel. Let us work to create peace here on earth for all people. And let us say, Shalom.
Rabbi Sherwin Wine

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