God-Optional Judaism

A newly revised book of “Alternatives for Cultural Jews,” by Secular Humanistic Rabbi Judith Seid.

“God-Optional Judaism” is a wonderful, chock-full respource for families and individuals who want to find their place in the Jewish world without necessarily believing in God.  Funny, accessible, and open-minded, the book touches on key elements of Jewish history and philosophy, all of the major holidays (food recipes included!), and contemporary issue of intermarriage, education, conversion, feelings towards Israel, and spirituality.

Available through Jewish Currents:

Judaism God Optional



One thought on “God-Optional Judaism

  1. The world has to recognise that today there are many non-religious Jews or atheists who only want to carry the name Jew, like they want to differentiate it as their race. Lots of people are thinking those atheist Jews are representable for religious Jews and take their political actions against other religious people as Jews fighting against other religions and not willing to share their homeland with other lovers of God.

    The book may probably and hopefully shed a light on non-religious Jews and show how many Jews also have become like Roman Catholics in West Europe filling in their own religion or just keeping to certain traditions but not at all believing in the Elohim.


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