Purim 2018

Cancelled Due to Lack of Response

PURIM WITH PEOPLE OF THE MOUNTAIN!purim_p_10__62466-1453301131-1280-1280

One nice thing about being small and informal –  You can juggle the calendar around a bit if you have to!  Purim this year is on the 28th, the middle of the week.  So we’re doing Purim a few days early this year, on Saturday, the 24th.

Join us for our Purim Party at Sue’s Home in Clifftops (address on request when you RSVP)

From 4:00 to 6:00 PM we’ll be sharing the Four Blessings of Purim:

1. Sharing Food with one another
2. Giving to the Poor
3. Hearing the Esther Megillah
4. Participating in a Purim Party

(There are other interesting traditions, such as drinking until you can’t tell the differenceesther-haman between Mordacai and Haman, but this will be a Family Party, so the most we’ll do is sip some wine!)

We’ll have masks and *graggers. Will has written a contemporary and kid friendly version of the Purim Scroll to read, and we’ll have some fun Purim songs to sing that you may never have heard connected to Purim before.

Please bring a tray of light snacks to share. Sweets are traditional, such as hamantaschen and other cookies. But it’s okay to bring healthy stuff if you like. We’ll supply wine and soft drinks, but feel free to bring your own as well.

hamantaschThis is a party for all ages, and you don’t have to be a member of People of the Mountain to join us! If you have friends who you’d like to invite, please do! Just give us a number by Friday, the 27th.

See you there!

* Graggers = Jewish Noisemakers

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