What Kind of Judaism is Right for You? Take the Quiz!

Passover 3Judaism is the broad History, Tradition, and Culture of the Jewish People.
Within that broad scope, there are many Expressions

What Kind of Judaism, is Right for You?
Take the Quiz!

1. Judaism is best defined as:
A. Just a religion
B. The evolving Culture and experience of a People, in which religion is one part.

2. The best way to pursue the Jewish value of Tikkun Olam, to repair the world, is to:
A. Pray harder. God will fix it.
B. Work with people through human reason, sciemce, empathy, and wisdom.

3. In serving LGBTQ Jews, interfaith/intercultural mixed marriages, Jews of mixed descent, and other diverse identities, the Jewish community should:
A. Privilege one type of household over another.
B. Provide full and equal access to all who seek meaning, including rabbinic officiation at weddings and other lifestyle events.

4. How many of these statements do you agree with!
A. None, or almost none of them.
B. All, or almost all of them!

___ I prefer to say what I believe and believe what I say.

___ I choose to celebrate Jewish holidays like Passover because it brings meaning to my life and enjoyment to my family, not because I’m obligated to by divine commandment.

___ We can honor the many diverse aspects of our familiy’s identity, including our Jewish heritage, equally.

___ While the Torah can provide great wisdom and meaning, it also contains many statements that are ethically problematic.

___ I would accept as Jewish anyone of Jewish descent or any person who declares themselves to be a Jew, and who identifies with the history, ethical values, culture, civilization, community, and fate of the Jewish people.

Welcome to Humanistic Judaism!

If you answered “B” to all or most of the questions, your Jewish approach aligns with Secular Humanistic Judaism. Welcome! We encourage you to explore and get connected.


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