We are compiling a list of recommended books on all things Jewish.  If you have a recommendation, please let us know!

Selected Bibliography


 Anglada, Maria Angels; The Violin of Auschwitz, Bantam Books, NY, 2010

Fenelon, Fania; The Musicians of Auschwitz, Sphere Books Ltd, London, 1977

Gruenbaum, Thelma:  Nesarim: Child Survivors of Theresienstadt, Valentine Mitchel, London, 2004

Janeczko, Paul B.; Requiem, Poems of the Terezin Ghetto, Candlewick Press, Melrose Park, Illinois, 2011

Lustig (Lenda), Tom;  Children on Death Row, The Hate and the War, CreateSpace Publishing Platform, 8th Edition

Newman, Richard with Kirtley, Karen; Alma Rose, Vienna to Auschwitz, Amadeus Press, Portland, OR, 2000  (German)

Weber, Ilse; Migdal, Ulrike, Ed.; Wann Wohl das Leid ein Ende Hat, Carl Henser Verlag, Munich, 2008

Jewish History

Rothkirchen, Livia; The Jews of Bohemia and Moravia, Univ. of Nebraska Press, Lincoln, Nebraska, 2005

Humanistic Judaism

Understanding Humanistic Judaism

Rabbi Sherwin Wine – History, Celebrations

Celebrating Holidays

Ceremonies for Life Stages