_00e* Be part of an Internationally established Jewish Body.  You are not alone!

* Help be a local witness to Jewish people in the community who thought they had to be part of a traditional synagogue to experience and affirm their Jewish heritage.

If you believe that cultural Judaism is important to a contemporary Jewish identity and that cultural Jewish communities and an organized Humanistic voice enhance the Jewish experience for secular and Humanistic Jews, then People of the Mountain, Am HaHar,  is for you.

Membership in Am HaHar, People of the Mountain, includes membership in the Society for Humanistic Judaism.  The membership dues are $50.00 per year, per household.  Dues are payable on February 1 of each year, payable to The Society for Humanistic Judaism.

No one is turned away because of financial difficulties.

To request Membership in People of the Mountain, see here.

For more information, contact us at