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Q.  How do I become a member of Am HaHar, People of the Mountain?

A.  Just ask!  We are an informal group of Jews, and Friends of Jews, who want to support one another in sharing our Jewish cultural heritage from a secular point of view.  We do our best to get together for the major Holidays, and we try to support one another in keeping culturally Jewish homes.  There is no membership fee, because we chip in to help with the cost of any gathering.

You don’t have to drive to Nashville or Chattanooga.  You don’t have to become a member of any synagogue or temple, to be a part of a Jewish cultural community on our Mountain!

Please send an email request for membership to, and include the following information:

Full Name
Street Address
Email Address
Telephone Number
Names of others in your household who will become members

000hj2Some members of People of the Mountain are also members of the Society for Humanistic Judaism, the American congregational expression of the worldwide secular humanist Jewish experience.

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